Check Out Our Growing List of 2023 Spring and Summer Adventures

North Truchas Peak, NM

July, 2023

This overnight hiking in/out experience gives you and your son the opportunity to accomplish something considerable.

Jump in a raft and hit the whitewater of the Rio Grande, then head for the mountainous views at Trampas Lake.

Wake up and make a lifelong memory by knocking out North Truchas Peak.

This trip will be limited to ~15 people total, so if you are interested in securing a spot, email us at:

Blue River, OK

November, 2023

It’s time to pull out your fishing pole and grab some bait.

Rainbow trout await.

Stay Tuned: More Information Coming Soon

Roaring River, MO

April, 2023

Grab some breakfast, then hit the river.
Check out the clefts and cliffs.
Catch the Milky Way and a shooting star. 
Renew the heart of adventure with your son.

Stay Tuned: More Information Coming Soon

Buffalo River, Arkansas 

June 2023

Hike on top of a hidden cavern.
Canoe on the glassy waters of the Buffalo.
Wake up under the shadows of the canyon. 
Create bonds with your son for a lifetime.

Stay Tuned: More Information Coming Soon

Gun Camp, OKC

April 2023

Teach your son how to properly handle a weapon.
Learn from certified professionals.
Take the fear out of the tool.

“The problem is not the availability of guns, it is the availability of morons.”—Antonio Meloni

Stay Tuned: More Information Coming Soon

Mt. Bike NW Arkansas

May 2022

Break out your bike and grease that chain. 

We are going to hit some world class trails in Hobbs State Park

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