Wilderness Adventure

We believe the wilderness provides an excellent opportunity for personal growth. Wilderness means getting away from the normal routine of busy life, and into a setting where we are forced out of our comfort zone, and into the presence of creation and our Creator. Wilderness settings vary in location, but are designed to create an environment of challenge, reflection and fun.


Pathway to Manhood

The Bible provides very distinct principles of manhood. When we find our self-image in Christ, and understand the essence of His teaching, we possess the tools to live out our role as men in the most satisfying of ways. We all fathers the opportunity to engage their sons on this level. The goal is to create for them a clear sense of what it means to be a genuine man.



Over the course of up to 12 years, a son will encounter markers of manhood. These points during his life are established using special ceremonies, and fathers play a active and important role in each one. We believe it is of upmost importance for the fathers to lead their sons along the path to manhood, and mark their transitions in very memorable ways.



In addition to camp and adventure experiences, sons have the opportunity to engage in a ten month training program led by the father and supplemented by Sand to Stone. The training is meant to build into the son the basic disciplines of the Christian life and to help them understand theology, obedience to the Word, and fulfillment of the Great Commission.