The outside is the only place we can be truly inside the world.

Sand to Stone recognizes the value of creation, and celebrates it’s divine source.

God created the universe and all that is in it.  In that universe, He made the earth, and placed within it, wonders and treasures for us to explore. The God who knit us together in our mother’s womb, also wants us to discover how much He cares for us through the majesty of his creation.  Sometimes, discovering this is as easy as stepping outside your back door.  Sometimes you need the wilderness, where disconnecting with the tyranny of the urgent helps you reconnect with all powerful God. 

We use wilderness experience to expose our dependency on Him, to connect us with our Creator, and to provide fathers the opportunity to lead their son down the pathway of manhood.

With every experience, God, and His word are central.  We use the outdoors as opportunities to teach and show how wonderful, perfect, and amazing He is, and to help refocus our mind on what and who is most important in life.

Additionally, we celebrate God for all His attributes, His goodness, faithfulness, grace and mercy.  We celebrate the salvation which He offers us through Jesus Christ alone. We stand for the gospel, for its truth, and lean on God’s promise to bring His will to pass, in His timing, and through His perfect understanding. 

Past Experiences