Camp Overview


This is a trip for you and your son(s) to bond.  The purpose of these wilderness adventures is to give you the chance to bond with your son, to put him among like minded boys and men, and to create a foundation from which to build true biblical manhood into your son’s life.

Dad run/Dad Teams:

The camp leader helps facilitate the trip, but it is largely the dad’s that keep it going through “dad teams”.  Camp needs help with cooking, teaching, leading games, shopping prior to the trip, starting and maintaining a fire, and medical response.  Based on our camp theme, if you choose to teach, you will be provided teaching material to guide you, but as a teacher, we encourage you to put your personal stamp on it.  You will also have opportunity to participate in ceremonies as “markers of manhood” along their journey (see HERE for specific information).

What is provided:

Food – I will provide all major meals, and will have snacks and desserts as well

Water – We will have access to water and I will bring some as well. Camp water is safe to drink.

Programming – This includes the camp theme, the facilitation of such, and and activities like hiking or games.

Campsite – You don’t need to pay for your campsite.

Ceremonial equipment – See below for more info


By now most of you have formally signed up and paid through the website.  If you have not done so, please do so by going to

Once you have completed your order for the trip, you will have a login that will give you access to the “resources” page. It will be there that you can pick up information related to ceremonies and go through the appropriate lead work in preparation for them.  In the future, I will have many other resources available through that portion of the website. 


In the fall we do ceremonies for our 8+ (page ceremony) and 13+ (squire ceremony) boys.

In the spring, we do ceremonies for our ~6+ (lifeverse ceremony) and ~18+ (knight ceremony) boys.  The ceremonies are as follows:

Life verse ceremony (~6+) – Around the campfire, the son receives a verse or passage from his father that speaks to his God given gifts, and is implored to mature those gifts over time with the help and guidance of the dad.  This ceremony mirrors Peter’s interaction with Jesus in John 1:42 where Jesus saw the current Simon “Peter” in his immature form, but proclaimed that future Peter would become a proclaimer of the gospel for the sake of the kingdom. Parents have the unique opportunity to observe great potential in their children, and to encourage and direct them in maturing that potential for the glory of God.

Page ceremony (8+) – Dad and son go through a covenant ceremony where dad commits in the front of his peers and God to train his son in the way he should go. The dad will fashion a wooden sword for his son and present it to him during the ceremony. A dad and page are given a “training pack” they are encouraged to work through together over the next year.  Completion of the manual results in the son receiving a “challenge coin” at campfire the following year, during the fall trip.  Each year, there is a new training pack and a reward for completion.

Squire ceremony (13+) – Dad and a group of men establish the biblical manhood principles into the son’s life in this private ceremony, charging the son to take on these principles and live by them as he moves forward. Then, around the campfire the son and father engage in a catechism challenge. The son is presented with the colors of camp and is given new privileges and responsibilities.

Knight ceremony (~18+) – Son does a solo overnight camp and then rejoins the group for a celebration of passage from boy to man!

Equipment and Packing:

You will need to pack lightly but thoroughly. Consider these items

1. Sleeping bags
2. Tent (if you don’t have one, let me know and we can get you in one of the extras)
3. Extra pair of shoes and socks (it might rain or we might cross water)
4. Poncho
5. Bug spray and sunscreen
6. Fishing pole (fishing license is recommended even if just a temp – can purchase at Walmart)
7. Campsite chair
8. Seasonal clothing (PLEASE PACK LONG PANTS – poison ivy, bugs etc)
9. Back pack
10. BB gun (needs to be supervised by an adult)
11. Snack food
12. Flashlight or headlamp
13. Knife
14. Toothbrush, deodorant, ear plugs
15. Ziplock bags for waterproofing

Leave Times:

The leave times allow for people who want to carpool or follow each other, a chance to do that. The times do not work for everyone which is understandable. If you would like to be a point man for each leave time, please let me know.  (405) 760-7994 or GroupMe under the same number.

Friday – Unless camp is in another state, generally 2pm from Faith Bible Church north parking lot. This time is recommended because you will be afforded plenty of daylight to set up your tent. I need to know if you are planning on leaving at this time. You may leave later, but this will need to be communicated with the trip leader prior to the departure time if at all possible.

Camp End Time:

Sunday camp ends at approximately noon, however there may be opportunities for those wanting to stay behind to fish,hike,etc.

Cell phone reception:

As a general rule, plan on cell phone reception being spotty to non-existent.  This is not the case with all locations we attend.  If there is a lack of reception, it is possible that at times during hiking, you will gain signal if the elevation or our position makes that possible.  One of the points of getting into the wilderness is to unplug and disengage from the world in order to focus on community and your son. If you can make that happen, we encourage you to do so.


We will not let things like rain, snow or wind deter us. This is part of learning through the wilderness.  However, if there is an enhanced risk for inclement weather like tornados or flooding, I will either post-pone or shorten the trip for our own safety.  Plan on matching your packing with the weather possibilities.

My contact information:

Eric Browning
(405) 760-7994
GroupMe: my phone #