Help Sand to Stone Grow!

We are excited to reach as many fathers and families with outdoor and wilderness experiences, father son outings, and relevant resources for raising God fearing men.

We would like to find land where we can set up a permanent camp for various outdoor activities, games and challenges, and rites of passage.

In addition, we would like to continue to expand our training resources to provide fathers specific direction and timing in conversation and guidance of their son.

Our goal is to make camping approachable for all who want to get involved.  We would like to continue to create camping experiences that make exploring the outdoors as comfortable as possible.  This includes improving our camp kitchen set up to more of a food truck delivery style, and ensuring bad weather doesn’t ruin activities completely by obtaining large group tents and shelters for refuge.

On the flip side, we want to continue providing trips to remote areas where the packing is light, the campsites are mobile, and the payoffs are big for participants.  This requires supplying equipment that not everyone has available for camping at that level, and who might avoid it because of that barrier.

Our goal is to grow through the church and to partner with men’s ministries, providing training to staff or laymen so they can lead small or large groups in training and discussion regarding how to be a pacesetting father, areas of Christianity, morality, and ethics to address with a boy based on need and age, and how to have good quality and well timed conversations with their son.

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