Spiritually, you only have to be one step ahead to lead your son.

As grace and gospel truth invades our hearts, we are compelled to live humbled and transformed lives. In chapter 7 and verse 10 of Ezra we are told that Ezra prepared his heart to seek God’s truth, then he obeyed it, and then he taught it to others. This is our job as a father; to be seeking God consistently, submitting to His authority, and then teaching our family to do the same.  This is pacesetting.


Age Based Resources

Every man needs a direction with his family.  Family ID is focused on helping a family identify and live out their core values. If you feel like your family is existing, but not going somewhere purposefully, check out this amazing ministry by Greg Gunn.

There are many man out there who grew up with an absent father, or an imcomplete understanding of manhood.  Noblemen Ministries run by Bryce Bouchard provides and avenue for remedying this void, and giving a man a foundation for leading his family.

True North Ministries exists to provide extended opportunities for godly community between men who are seeking God.  They also offer basecamp events aimed at providing men the opportunity to grow as men after God’s own heart. 

The Navigator ministry is an international organization that understands the worth of training a person to become independent in the basics of the Christian faith (reading, praying, studying, memorizing, meditating, applying the word).  They train people to be followers, and to lead others to be followers as well, utilizing simple pass-on-able tools. 

Maybe you realize there are conversations you are not prepared to have with your child; not a problem!  Axis exists to help you become well equipped to have meaningful, God centered discussions with your teen.  Many of the materials can be tailored to a younger child as well.

Kanakuk, with almost 100 years of summer camp, provides the perfect opportunity for your son to enjoy sports and the outdoors, while receiving encouragement and spiritual mentoring from pacesetting college students and leadership.

The Bible Project brings the Bible to life through stunning visual representations of Old and New Testament book overviews, word studies, and “how to” tutorials.  This is a great way to educate yourself and get your son interested in knowing more about God and His plan for the world.

Books All Fathers Should Read