Adventure Medical Mountain Series Hiker Medical Kit


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The Adventure Medical Kits Hiker medical kit is equipped with carefully selected supplies tailored to meet any basic first-aid needs you and a friend might experience on a 2-day adventure.

Easy-care first-aid system organizes first-aid supplies into in injury-specific pockets to eliminate guesswork and ensure you use the right treatment quickly

External kit map shows you where the supplies are located, while reflective mountain logo on front of bag makes it easy to spot in the dark when every moment counts

See-through pockets protect items from dirt and moisture while allowing for quick and easy access; zippers hold items in when opening the kit or accessing it vertically

5 x 9 trauma pad and elastic bandage help stop bleeding fast

Includes medications for allergic reactions, itches, pain and fever, inflammation and diarrhea

Hospital-quality tools include EMT shears and precision forceps for efficient and effective backcountry medical care

Antiseptic wipes and butterfly bandages for cleaning and closing small wounds

14 precut, shaped moleskin pieces make it easy to prevent and treat hot spots and blisters; alcohol pads remove oils from skin for better adherence of tape and moleskin

Wilderness medicine guide offers up-to-date information on wilderness and travel medicine in a concise and compact format

Authored by Eric A. Weiss, M.D., this lightweight, fully illustrated guide contains advice from Weiss on improvised first-aid techniques, when to “worry” tips, and more

Super-durable nylon bag with darting provides extra space inside the kit for your own items




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