Hobbs S.P., AR (MTB) – October 22-24


Trip Dates: October 22-24

Pricing Includes Dad + (1) Son. Additional boys can be added below.

(This trip is suitable for boys who feel comfortable on moderate difficulty biking trails)

Click HERE for more information on the trails in this area

Northwest Arkansas is home to world class mountain biking trails for all ages and all abilities!  Thanks to the Walton family, tens of millions of dollars have been poured into this area to make riding a bike through the woods an experience unlike any other in this part of the country. This adventure will include biking in 8 miles with packs on to establish camp in a remote portion of the park. Here is your chance to unplug for the weekend, get in tune with the outdoors, put some miles on the bike, while deepening your relationship with God, and with your son.

This two (2) night, three (3) day trip will include mountain biking, fishing, survival skill training, Sand to Stone rite of passage ceremonies and themed biblical teaching.  It is preferable that you bring your own mountain bikes to ride, plus the ability to repair any flat tires or a chain.  If you don’t have a bike and need to rent one, please email us at info@sand2stone.us so that we can remedy this for you.

The below video doesn’t necessarily represent the level of difficulty of the rides on this excursion, but they do give you an idea of the terrain.

Please download, fill out and return the release forms found HERE.

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    • 40 $
    • 40 $
    • 40 $
    • 40 $

    Camping Rental Totes include: Tent, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Pads, Water Bottle, Backpack, Knife, Headlamp, Carrying Tote.

    A $35 deposit is retained on top of the $65 rental fee, but then refunded once all items are returned at the end of the trip.

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    Theme: Until We Break Camp

    *Additional shirts can be purchased on the Shop page if required.

    • 16 $
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    Dads are the heroes of camp by serving on one or more teams.  These teams help camp run efficiently and provide a visible form of discipleship for their son. Learn more about dad teams HERE.

    Available Ceremonies For Your Son

    • 25 $

    At the age of 6 and up, Your son is eligible for the Life Verse Ceremony. For this ceremony, you choose a verse or passage from the bible that both speaks to how God has uniquely gifted your son, and can guide him from childhood onward. Click Here for more info.

    • 25 $

    At the age of 8 and up, dads craft a sword prior to camp and present it to their sons during a covenant ceremony that marks the dads commitment to leading their son to manhood. Click Here for more info.

    • 45 $

    At the age of 13, fathers help prepare their sons for adolescence through a study completed prior to the wilderness trip.  The son memorizes the basics tenants of the faith in preparation for the ceremony.  Click here for more information.

    • 65 $

    Around the age of 18, the son has made his way to his ultimate manhood challenge.  This ceremony combines a challenge of the intellect, the emotions, and physical and spiritual fortitude. It is a culmination of everything the son has learned in the previous years under their father and through wilderness experiences. Upon completing the challenge, the community of fathers and sons celebrate the son as a man through a special ceremony that reflects on the journey, and charges the son for the future.

    Buy Camp Equipment For Your Son

    Help your son grow into camping with age appropriate equipment. Click HERE for more info. If he comes into camp later in the process, you may backfill his pack.

    • 27 $
    • 21 $
    • 30 $
    • 19 $
    • 30 $
    • 110 $
    • 17 $
    • 75 $
    • 95 $

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations made 30-90 days before the trip will be refunded in full, minus a $10 refund fee. 
    Cancellations made 14-29 days before the trip will be refunded at 75% of purchase price, minus a $10 refund fee.
    Cancellations made between the day of and 13 days before the trip will be refunded at 50% the purchase price, minus a $10 refund fee.”

Get ready to spread some tread on the backside of the Ozarks!


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