Take The Lake – Arbuckles (Day Event)


Trip Date: October 3, 2020


Base Pricing is for Dad + (1) Son

 Kayak + Games + Food = Good Memories

Traverse the Lake of the Arbuckles this Fall

The Chickasaw NRA offers wonderful camping, boating, fishing and sunset views less than a two hour drive from the metro.  It is perfectly suited for a day trip getaway for fathers and their son(s). This event will largely operate on or near the water as participants traverse the lake, taking breaks for challenges and games.  All the work on the water will be rewarded with an evening waterfront fire and some great home cooked food!

Please download, fill out and return the release forms found HERE.

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  • Add Additional Sons

    Hike and Camping Rental Tote

    Sign Up for a Dad Team

    Dads are the heroes of camp by serving on one or more teams.  These teams help camp run efficiently and provide a visible form of discipleship for their son. Learn more about dad teams HERE.

    Available Ceremonies For Your Son

    • 20 $

    At the age of 6 and up, Your son is eligible for the Life Verse Ceremony. For this ceremony, you choose a verse or passage from the bible that both speaks to how God has uniquely gifted your son, and can guide him from childhood onward. Click Here for more info.

    • 25 $

    At the age of 8 and up, dads craft a sword prior to camp and present it to their sons during a covenant ceremony that marks the dads commitment to leading their son to manhood. Click Here for more info.

    • 40 $

    At the age of 13, fathers help prepare their sons for adolescence through a study completed prior to the wilderness trip.  The son memorizes the basics tenants of the faith in preparation for the ceremony.  Click here for more information.

    • 65 $

    Around the age of 18, the son has made his way to his ultimate manhood challenge.  This ceremony combines a challenge of the intellect, the emotions, and physical and spiritual fortitude. It is a culmination of everything the son has learned in the previous years under their father and through wilderness experiences. Upon completing the challenge, the community of fathers and sons celebrate the son as a man through a special ceremony that reflects on the journey, and charges the son for the future.

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations will be assumed to be donations to Sand to Stone unless otherwise contested.  However, refunds can and will be made upon request and based on the following criteria.

    Cancellations made 30-90 days before the trip will be refunded in full, minus a $10 refund fee. 

    Cancellations made 14-29 days before the trip will be refunded at 75% of purchase price, minus a $10 refund fee.

    Cancellations made between the day of and 13 days before the trip will be refunded at 50% the purchase price, minus a $10 refund fee.”


For more information, please email us at: info@sand2stone.us



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