Fathers raise future men.

Boys are both a heritage and our legacy bearers.  It is our duty as real men to pass on the purity of manhood as God defines it, and to ensure that our future men live out their roles as courageous leaders of their homes and community.

What is a real man?

1. Real men serve God first and foremost

2. Real men are fully committed to their work

3. Real men respect authority

4. Real men maintain integrity

5. Real men embrace empathy

6. Real men defend and protect boldly

7. Real men act courageously

8. Real men are willingly accountable

9. Real men live for a transcendent cause

10. Real men embody humility

Discipleship Starts At Home

Having been involved in man to man discipleship since 1999, I have come to realize that discipleship is best done between father and son, and in within a community of other fathers and sons.  Together we can build one another up into men who live obediently for a greater cause.

Manhood Is A Process

There is no one event that creates a man. There are certainly times of intense growth based on the situation, but becoming and man includes knowing our origin, developing conviction and living out the truth we have been imparted by Jesus Christ daily.

Men Need Men

There is an epidemic in our world related to isolation.  Men have become too accustomed to the phrase “every man is an island”. Truth is, we need community, and men need one another. As iron sharpens iron, men can serve as agents of encouragement as we fight for God’s best in one another.
292d28_cfee6c093cc742589eac38032bdbf36dFounder’s Notes: In 1999, before I was married or had children, God gave me the vision of starting a Father-Son camping ministry.  In 2014 this became a reality. In my opinion, it happened at just the right time, as our world struggles with its self image and ultimate source of truth. I am reminded daily as I step outside, that the creation around us shouts of God’s love for mankind.  This however is easily missed because of the innumerable distractions associated with a busy life, and deceptions about who we are and how we are to live under the headship of Christ. Wilderness trips, allow all of us to refocus on what is true: Our role, our goal, and our Lord.