Rites of Passage

It is the practice of many cultures to mark the pathway to manhood with ceremonial acts and personal challenge. Unfortunately, in western culture, acheiving the status of manhood is less defined, less intentionally stated, and not well supported with definitive acts initiated by the father and bolstered by his surrounding circle of men.

That is why Sand to Stone has established ceremonies starting as young as six years old, to establish, charge, challenge, and encourage the boy as he matures. These ceremonies help define manhood over a period of years while slowly putting more and more onus on the boy to embrace how God has made him and the role he is meant to live out.

Each son comes to learn and experience the importance of keeping God’s word in the heart, working out their God given purpose in life, understanding the magnitude of leaving a legacy, and holding on to the faith in all situations of life.

Each father should carefully consider the importance of engaging their son through ceremony.  These crucial moments are legacy builders between the two. Upon choosing a ceremony, each father is given ample information and training on what the ceremony requires, to allow them to prepare for this special time.  For fathers getting involved with their sons at a later age, ceremonies are designed to be appropriate at any age.