Fall Camp Theme


Between the Lion and the Lamb (series)


God is mercy and grace, just as He is wrath and conqueror.  In both, He is perfect.  His love knows no bounds, and his justice brings peace and unity.  As God is holy, we too are called to be holy, knowing the balance of the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God in our own lives. Being a man after God’s heart means we learn what it means to value the life that God has created.

As we learn to live under the protection of God, we will learn how to protect others through the armor of the Holy Spirit.

As we learn to receive the grace of God through Christ, we will learn how to love others by bearing the truth of the gospel through persuasive words and actions.

As men, we are to prepare our minds with the truth, arm ourselves with the Holy Spirit, seek the good works prepared for us, and courageously live a life between the lion and the lamb.

Psalms 119:114, Isaiah 31:4, Revelation 5, John 1:29, Revelation 17:14, Ephesians 6:10-17





About Camping Opportunities

We offer spring, summer and fall father-son trips.  We also occasionally offer family experiences.  

At camp, we seek to creating solid masculine bonds.  We do this through community, risk, competition, and ceremony.


We break bread together. Eating together is a basic act of hospitality and one way we can share in something common to all, food.  We create an atmosphere where sharing and laughter happen naturally, and where friendships are born or deepened.

We all play our role.  Each father has a job to do in order to make camp run smoothly.  By each doing their job well, camp models the body of Christ each working together to glorify God.


God’s creation is full of hidden treasures, and it is also at times harsh.  We share in risk when we submit ourselves to the elements, and when we push our bodies to the limits in the hope of discovering something beautiful in God’s handiwork.  It is in the hardship and discomfort of nature that we develop resilience, find God in new ways, and create bonds between brothers.


We value the competitive spirit.  Not everything we do at camp relies on physical performance.  We want boys to draw on their creativity, physicality, and mental capacities to learn to work with one another in team activities, and to make each other better in the process, win or lose. 


Marking the pathway to manhood is of chief importance.  At an early age, it is the father that takes the lead.  But as a boy enters adolescence, it is his turn to carve his path with the biblical principles as his guide.  Each boy receives and gives back in the process of finding manhood.  Our unique rites of passage opportunities pave clear paths for boys to clearly define and embrace their role as men who live virtuously in all areas of life.