Spring 2020 Camp Theme


Never Defeated

From the beginning, God’s plan for His people and His world has been under attack, but never thwarted. The same power to overcome dwells within each one of us, so that we can live boldly and completely for Him.





Osage Hills S.P.

April 17-19, 2020

Osage Hills is located east of the grasslands but in a small canyon full of babbling waterfalls, boulders to traverse, and serene scenery. For more information, visit the official site HERE.

Cedar Lake S.P.

April 24-26, 2020

Cedar Lake is in SE Oklahoma, and gives campers the opportunity to tackle the Ouachita Mts, and sleep under the thick cedars prevalent in that part of the states. Find more information about Cedar Lake HERE.

Beavers Bend S.P.

May 1-3, 2020

Beavers Bend is a premier state park in Oklahoma for those wanting the mix of tranquility and adventure.  For more information on this state park, click HERE.

Buffalo River N.P.

May 28-31, 2020

The Buffalo River runs through a canyon in NW Arkansas, and provides ample opporutnities for rafting, canoeing, hiking, and discovery of hidden treasures deep inside the wooded landscape. For more information about this national park, click HERE.

Browns Canyon/Mt. Humboldt

July 16-19, 2020

Browns Canyon whitewater rafting is an experience by itself, but to combine this with summiting the goregous and approachable Mt. Humboldt (14er) has got to be a lifelong memorable experience. For more information about Mt. Humboldt and Browns Canyon, visit HERE.

About Camping Opportunities

We offer spring, summer and fall father-son trips.  In addition, we offer family experiences as well.  As available, you will find the latest trips noted here.

 Our trips consist of wilderness adventures, games, ceremonies, fellowship and teaching.  Sons are trained in use of camping equipment and have opportunities to take lead roles in camp itself.  Fathers are the ones who make camp awesome.  Whether it is through teaching, cooking, leading games, or helping with logistics, fathers are the MVPs.

A typical weekend includes a Friday afternoon camp set up with evening teaching and games.  Saturday includes morning teaching, a mid-day excursion, afternoon father-son time, and evening ceremonies. Sunday includes theme consistent teaching, and an optional excursion based on the location and park opportunities.  Some of our newer trips add a day, but also provide bigger pay off.